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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

  • When is LYF Camp?

    Where is LYF Camp located?

    Our family planned a vacation already. Can you change the dates for camp?

    Where do participants come from?

    Does my child need to be Taiwanese to attend LYF Camp?

    Wow! What an awesome organization! How can I make a contribution?

    What age do the campers have to be to attend camp?
  • Registration

  • How do I register for LYF Camp?

    What is the deadline to register for LYF Camp?

    Do you offer financial assistance?

    Can I transfer my registration to another camper?

    How do I cancel my registration? Will I receive a refund?

    My child would like to attend camp but has a conflict. Can I pull him/her out of camp for a short period?

    My child cannot make the entirety of LYF Camp. Will my fee be prorated?

    Can campers make group requests?

    Can I tip my child’s counselor?

    How do I use camp credit to sign up for registration?

    How will we be notified about getting off the waitlist?
  • Life at Camp

  • How are kids grouped together?

    Can my camper join the group with a sibling/friend in a different age group?

    What is the food like at Camp?

    With so many campers, how will all of them be constantly supervised?

    Does a summer camp mean my kids will be living in tents?

    Do you have protocol in case of an emergency, like a fire?

    How do I know if your staff is trustworthy?
  • Preparing for Camp

  • What is the weather like at LYF Camp?

    I’m worried about my kids. What if something happens?

    Can I visit my child at Camp?

    What does my camper need to bring to Camp?

    Does my camper need to bring their own bedding?

    Is there laundry at the campsite?

    Where is the nearest hospital?

    Does my child need to bring any money to Camp?

    Is there anything I need to do between signing up and showing up on the first day of Camp?

    What about electronics?
  • Getting Involved and Volunteering

  • How can I get involved with LYF Camp?

    I can’t take a whole week off of work to volunteer at LYF Camp, how else can I help?

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