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Connect With Your Taiwanese American Identity

Become whole person leaders through an understanding of heritage, self, and the world.

LYF counselors smiling and building a campfire with their gloved hands over a bag of marshmallows
Two LYF counselors posing with their hands forming an L and framing their chins
Two LYF counselors posing with a dance-style movement
A LYF counselor giving a smiling camper a piggy-back ride
A LYF counselor blowing bubbles through a bubble wand
Four LYF counselors smiling and posing with their hands below their face forming a V

We are a lifelong Taiwanese American community in the Bay Area - built by the current generation of TAs for the next generation.

Our mission is to develop the Taiwanese American community into whole person leaders through an understanding of heritage, self, and the world.

What is LYF Camp?

Leading Youth Forward (LYF) Camp is a weeklong Taiwanese American youth leadership summer camp designed to be a safe environment for youth to discover and develop who they are.

Campers who have completed grades 4 through 12 can register. Although we largely serve Taiwanese American youth, we encourage anyone of any ethnic origin interested in Taiwanese American culture, values, and leadership to attend.

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Goals of LYF Camp

Cultivate their leadership and communication skills
Nurture the campers' interests and passions
Deepen the campers' understanding of their unique cultural heritage
Connect them with other Taiwanese Americans


Years of Camp


Campers Since 1980


Staff Members
Identity & DevelopmentAcceptance &BelongingLeadership

Development through the Whole Person Leadership Model

Built by the current TA generation for the next generation

Acceptance & Belonging

A lifelong community of Taiwanese American friends

Identity & Development

A safe space outside of school and family to be themselves and learn who they are


A steady pipeline of leadership development opportunities to meet your kid where they’re at over the years

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