Individual Support

We humbly ask for your donation – any amount of support would be very appreciated.
$500 covers the cost for one counselor to staff camp and lead campers
$1,000 sponsors one child who is qualified for financial aid to attend camp
$10,000 allows us to securely sign larger campsites to accommodate more campers

The majority of our support comes from generous individual donations from supporters like you. Consider making a one-time or recurring tax-deductable donation that will help us strengthen our programming and offerings.

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Support LYF

For the last 40 years, LYF Camp has been dedicated to raising the next generation of Taiwanese American community leaders. Our hope has always been to provide a place of safety and belonging to as many campers as possible.

In recent years, LYF has grown from 65 to 140 campers, tripled the number of workshops we run, and extended camp to a full week. However, as LYF Camp is run entirely by unpaid staff who take a week off of their jobs to volunteer, it has been challenging to meet demand with our limited resources. We have had to turn more than 50 campers away each year.

Your donations increase the number of Taiwanese American youth who have the opportunity to experience camp every year. LYF Camp relies on the community to keep LYF Camp as accessible as possible, so campers and staff can continue to grow, mature, and contribute to the Taiwanese American community in the Bay Area.

Corporate Matching

Please consider corporate matching if your company will match your donation. Contact us at and provide any necessary information for the corporate match.

Get a Cookbook

Support us by taking home a taste of Taiwan. Our 2nd Edition of “Taiwanese Homestyle Cooking” is a tasty collection of Taiwanese recipes passed down through our grandmothers.

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