My Life as a Fire-breathing Snail
Slice of LYF: April 2018 | Issue 07
Jonathan Chen

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming out to
the March staff meeting — the postcards look great and I’m sure that the campers
will love them! MY LYF AS A _____ is about the choices we make that shape who we
are and also those around us. Through the world we create, illustrated with our family
of imaginative characters using different textures and colors to represent transitioning personalities, our definition of self is always changing. With this, we hope that you will grow through every decision you make into stronger individuals. Also, keep an eye out for the incoming apparel design coming soon! Hope you enjoy it!


Family Message

Hi Everyone! It’s April and camp is soon approaching! As Family Heads, our vision for families this year is to have campers step out of their comfort zone and bond with campers of different age groups. However, we’ve always felt that families were somewhat awkward when nobody took the initiative to interact with others. As a result, we will be splitting half of a small group and merging it with another half of a small group to create a family! This way, campers can interact with others within the safety of their small groups! We’re super excited to see how this will turn out and can’t wait to see you all at camp!!

Your Fam,
Michael & Jamie

Family Head 1 Family Head 2
Save the Date

April Programming Meeting

Apr 21 | 3 – 5 PM
Taiwanese American Center

4413 Fortran Ct.
San Jose, CA 95134

Mark your calendars for our last programming meeting! We will be running through more finalized versions of workshops, as well as introducing family activities. These parts of camp wouldn’t be possible without all of you, so please come help fine-tune these pieces.

 RSVP Here!

April Meeting

April LYF Social: Bowling Edition

Apr 21 | TBA

1287 S Park Victoria Dr.
Milpitas, CA 95035

Let me SPARE you from any bad bowling puns, but an April social should be right up our ALLEYS. Come put on your slippery shoes, and join us for some fun on the lanes after April’s Programming meeting.

 RSVP Here!

April LYF Social

Staff Training Retreat

May 18 – 20
Patrick’s Casa

3112 Tewksbury Way
San Ramon, CA 94582

Camp is drawing near! Staff Training Retreat is mandatory, so be sure to save this weekend. We’ll be doing a final run through of core camp programming activities, answering any questions about our new campsite, and becoming friends (also mandatory).

 RSVP Here!

Staff Training Retreat

Taiwanese American Cultural Festival

May 12
Union Square

San Francisco, CA 94582

Join us at Union Square, SF on May 12 for the 26th annual Taiwanese American Cultural Festival — the biggest celebration of Taiwanese culture! We are looking volunteers so sign up HERE.

 RSVP Here!

Birthday Bear

Birthdays - April

Eric Chien Wed 4th
Derek Lin Sat 7th
Eileen Wong Wed 11th
Patrick Chenglo Wed 25th
Rosette Su Fri 27th
Brian Chu Sun 29th
Julia Lin Sun 29th
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