LYF logo Fall Newsletter 2017 Issue No. 18
The Season of Change

35th Anniversary was a blast! Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated 35 years of LYF camp with us. From this year's camp, we hope that the lessons you've learned about self-compassion help you with being kind to yourself, relating to yourself, and understanding yourself. Now, we're starting to look towards next year, LYF Camp 2018! A lot of changes are coming your way, and it's going to be a very special year - and here's why.

New things this year:

  • Leadership
  • Programming
  • Campsite
Things that are not going to change:

  • The spirit of LYF Camp

More news to come – we’re already hard at work planning out the next LYF camp! Keep in touch, and be sure to RSVP for Winter Reunion below!

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Upcoming Events
Winter Reunion

Sat, Jan 6     2-5pm
Winter Reunion
Taiwanese American Center, SJ

It’s been too long! Start off 2018 with an afternoon reuniting with old faces, learning new games, and enjoying Taiwanese snacks with the rest of LYF camp. Siblings and friends are more than welcome — the more the merrier! If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP by 12/23 through the link below.

RSVP here!

Introducing your new board!
LYF Board 2017

This year, LYF is helmed by an all-new, never before seen board of directors! Seven of us are camp babies, while three of us stumbled upon LYF in college.

Brian Lin, President

Brian likes light roast coffee, lo-fi jazz hip hop, and morning fog lifting over a world bathed in golden sunrise haze. Or all three at once.

Jessica Lee, Program Director

Jessica once sprained her ankles 3 times in 2 months by slipping down the same flight of stairs. She told everyone it happened at practice to seem less lame.

George Sun, External Relations

George is confused why everyone is writing their introductions in 3rd person but will do it for consistency purposes. George likes to explore places and interests off the beaten path. He has an undying love for the natural world, and one day wishes to tap fresh syrup from a maple tree.

Rosette Su, Treasurer

Rosette loves pearl milk tea and hates exercise. This is not a good combination.

Christie Neo, Creative Director

Christie really likes birds.

Christopher Lee, Vice President

Chris was once bitten by a giant centipede in his sleep which resulted in him having to lug around a baseball-sized hand in Taiwan for a week.

Patrick Chenglo, Program Director

Patrick dislikes ice cream, chocolate, and cake and pretty much anything else that’s fun…

Taylor Chen, Operations Director

Taylor has a playlist called “Taylor’s Awesome Throwback 90s R&B Jim Jammies.” There’s an old lady spirit living inside of her; her name is probably Miriam. She likes baking, dad dancing and fast walking; so does Taylor.

Jennifer Lee, Secretary

Jennifer was convinced by her sister when they were younger that the big factories were actually Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (Jennifer continued to believe this for a few years..).

Jonathan Chen, Creative Director

Jonathan sleeps an average of 5 hours each night.

Letter from the PDs
Jessica and Patrick

Hi all, we’re Jessica and Patrick — camp babies turned staff turned Program Directors! We just graduated from college this year, Jessica from UC Santa Barbara and Patrick from UC Berkeley, and are so excited to be your new Program Directors. We had such a great time with you all at camp, and can’t wait to bring you another year of growth, community, and fun. Please keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming events, we hope to see you soon!

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