2018 Winter Reunion

January 6, 2018

Ahh, the winter season! Full of foggy mornings, chilly evenings, frosty rooftops, and rain (because let’s face it, snow is a rarity in California). All these things might make us shiver, but sometimes we forget that all this cold also brings in all the warmth to be found in life! In LYF there is no exception, and our annual Winter Reunion this past January properly embodied that warmth.

There was the crunch of eggrolls, the sound of music, and most importantly the smiles of campers and counselors alike. Happiness was abound in the room, where laughter and loud hurrahs filled the fun atmosphere. We captured those moments, and you only need check out the photo album below to see it!

We hope everyone had a happy holiday break, and we wish everyone great fortune in the New Year!