Get Involved.
Be a staff member at camp!

The camp experience isn’t just for campers. Life is shaped by experiences, so guide a group of campers through a week of trials and triumphs, reflection and expression, pushing boundaries and realizing potential; and in turn be inspired by campers and staff alike. Be the mentor that can turn any situation into a positive experience while enjoying the personal growth, leadership development, and friendships that come hand in hand with the camp LYFstyle. LYF Camp is a growing experience for everyone, so take a chance and come on an adventure with us!

Our staff is an integral part of LYF Camp. Every year new programming is developed by our staff; making LYF Camp an expression of the spectrum of individuals that make up our team! As a staff member, LYF Camp values your personality, interests, and ideas which make each year’s LYF Camp unique.

If you are interested in joining our staff, please contact to find out more about how you can get involved.

Join Our Leadership Team

LYF leadership is an opportunity to shape the LYF community. It is a platform to turn your ideas into actions. Our board and officer teams come together to discuss the larger vision of LYF, and work towards evolving camp to better provide for our community of campers, parents, staff, and alumni.

To learn more about joining LYF leadership, please contact and discover how you can make an impact.