Does my child need to be Taiwanese to attend LYF Camp?

Not at all! We encourage anyone interested in Taiwanese American culture, values and leadership to attend. In fact, we have had several Vietnamese American, Korean American, Japanese American, and Chinese American campers.

When is LYF Camp?

2021 LYF Camp will be held Monday, June 27th – Saturday, July 2nd (6 days, 5 nights).

Where is LYF Camp located?

2022 LYF Camp will be held at Green Mountain Retreat (19480 Bear Creek Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95033). Visit their website here.

How far is LYF Camp from the San Francisco Bay Area?

Green Mountain Retreat is located in Los Gatos, less than an hour’s drive from the East Bay. Due to its close proximity, LYF will not be providing transportation to and from the campsite.

Our family planned a vacation already. Can you change the dates for camp?

Unfortunately this isn’t possible. We carefully choose every year’s dates to accommodate as many school districts’ schedules as possible in the Bay Area. We hope that you can make it next year! Please check back for the next year’s camp dates (we typically announce dates around December).

Where do participants come from?

Most of our families are from Northern California, but we encourage campers from anywhere to join us! Campers come from Southern California as well as out of state!

Wow! What an awesome organization! How can I make a contribution?

Thank you for your support! We rely on donors to keep our camp running every year. You can contribute in many ways, from food and material donations, to covering our apparel or transportation costs. To make a tax-deductible contribution, please visit our donation page here.


How do I register for LYF Camp?

Click here to register through our online registration form.

What is the deadline to register for LYF Camp?

Registration closes on May 15th. Visit our registration page here for more details.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes! We do not want camp fees to prevent you from attending camp. Every year, we have options for families that may need financial assistance. Please email lyf@tacl.org to find out if you qualify.

Can I transfer my registration to another camper?

Your camp fee is processed with your unique registration form, and cannot be transferred to another camper.

How do I cancel my registration? Will I receive a refund?

We are sorry to hear you are unable to make Camp this year! Please make sure to review the cancellation deadlines on our cancellation policy. To cancel your registration, please send an email with your camper’s name to lyf@tacl.org. Hope you can make it next year!

My child would like to attend camp but has a conflict. Can I pull him/her out of camp for a short period?

If your child has a conflict due to extra-curricular activities (graduation, recitals, etc.), you can pull him/her out of camp early for the conflict. Simply note on our registration form when you are picking up your child. Due to COVID-19 safety considerations, campers will not be able to arrive late this year, or leave and return to camp.

My child cannot make the entirety of LYF Camp. Will my fee be prorated?

Because we would love all campers the opportunity to join us at Camp, they are welcome to leave early if need be. Unfortunately, we do not prorate for this time, and the excess fee goes towards supporting our camp for the upcoming years.

Can campers make group requests?

Group requests are not guaranteed, but can be noted on the camper’s registration form. Each group is assigned based on age, and our priority is to foster new friendships.

Can I tip my child’s counselor?

Please direct all contributions directly to LYF Camp. We rely on wonderful donors like you! To make a tax-deductible contribution, please visit our donation page here.

How is it possible to keep camp fees so low?

Our goal is to provide the LYF Camp experience to as many campers as possible, so we rely on community donations to keep our camp fees to the absolute minimum. If the camp fee is a financial burden, please contact lyf@tacl.org to inquire about financial assistance. LYF Camp runs as a non-profit organization by unpaid staff with minimal overhead. In fact, we are always looking for donations to keep our camp healthy so we can operate in future years! To make a tax-deductible contribution, please visit our donation page here.

Life at Camp

How are kids grouped together?

Campers are split into groups of 8 to 10, based on age. Our programming is carefully customized to cater specifically to the different age groups. As campers return year after year, the curriculum evolves and gradually integrates more complex activities.

Can my camper join the group with a sibling/friend in a different age group?

Campers are pre-arranged into their respective age groups before Camp begins. However, there are many camp wide activities that all campers will participate in together. There is also free time allotted every day for campers to relax, nap, or hang out with campers from other groups.

What is the food like at Camp?

Our campsite provides three well-balanced meals daily, and vegetarian options are always available. The kitchen staff strives to provide a nutritious menu that appeals to all of our campers. Please make sure to indicate all dietary restrictions on your child’s registration form.

With so many campers, how will all of them be constantly supervised?

Campers are designated a group of 8 to 10 campers, and each of these groups has at least two counselors who will remain with the same group throughout the entire week. This is an extremely low ratio of 1:4 or 1:5, which makes it very safe for all campers. Furthermore, during camp wide activities, our additional staff also helps to supervise the campers, dropping the ratio down to 1:3 or even 1:2! Safety is always our highest priority.

Does a summer camp mean my kids will be living in tents?

No, LYF Camp is held at conference centers or youth camps. Campers will be living in gender separated rooms with their small groups, which are equipped with beds and bathrooms. Activities are held both outdoors and indoors, in large meeting halls.

Do you have protocol in case of an emergency, like a fire?

We have evacuation plans at our campsite and camp staff is trained on what to do in the event of an emergency, including fires. On the first day of Camp, campers participate in a camp-wide fire drill to simulate evacuation.

How do I know if your staff is trustworthy?

Almost all of our staff have been referred by friends and families of campers or other staff members. Many were even campers in the past, and grew up through many years of attending LYF Camp! All of our staff are chosen through an application and interview process, and a background check is run on all staff members before camp. Our staff are all unpaid volunteers who love to spend their time attending Camp, and they also donate to LYF to help cover their own costs.

Preparing for Camp

What is the weather like at LYF Camp?

In June, average temperatures in Los Gatos, CA, range from 73F to 55F. Note that depending on the year, environmental allergies at Green Mountain Retreat may differ.

I’m worried about my kids. What if something happens?

We do everything we can to keep our campers safe, but we are prepared to help them in case of any problems. Every year we have trained medical staff on-site in case of any health-related emergencies. In addition, LYF Camp purchases a comprehensive insurance plan that covers health related emergencies and other accidents. Parents will always be notified of health related emergencies.

Can I visit my child at Camp?

Unfortunately, we do not allow families to visit the campers during the week because it interrupts your child’s adjustment to LYF Camp.

What does my camper need to bring to Camp?

A LYF Camper Info Packet will be emailed as LYF Camp approaches. It will include a complete packing list, as well as a schedule and map of the campsite. Some essentials are clothing for 7 days, closed-toed shoes, toiletries, flashlight, and water bottle. Do not bring any electronics such as computers, gaming devices, tablets, mp3 players, etc.

Does my camper need to bring their own bedding?

Green Mountain Retreat provides bedding including sheets, blankets, and pillows for all guests. Please do not forget to pack a towel for bathroom use.

Is there laundry at the campsite?

Laundry services are not available at the campsite. Campers should pack enough clothing for 7 days and 6 nights. Please label all clothing and belongings so we can return misplaced articles to the proper owner.

Where is the nearest hospital?

The nearest hospital is Good Samaritan Hospital, located about 8 miles from Green Mountain Retreat.

Does my child need to bring any money to Camp?

No, all costs have already been included in the camp fee. You may bring money when you pick up your camper on the last day if they would like to purchase any other LYF Camp apparel, or pre-register for next year’s camp!

Is there anything I need to do between signing up and showing up on the first day of Camp?

Yes! Expect a Welcome Packet to be emailed to you, and keep an eye out for more information regarding Parent Orientation for parents of first-time campers. Let us know if there are any changes to your child’s pick up schedule.

What about electronics?

Campers should leave electronics at home. Camp schedules are jam-packed with activities, and there will be multiple (and way more fun) alternatives!

Getting Involved and Volunteering

How can I get involved with LYF Camp?

LYF Camp is a purely volunteer run organization, there are many opportunities to help out! Directly, you can volunteer for LYF Camp staff as a counselor or synthesis member. Please contact lyf@tacl.org for more information about volunteering.

I can’t take a whole week off of work to volunteer at LYF Camp, how else can I help?

Indirectly, LYF Camp needs food, snacks, craft supplies, office supplies, and other miscellaneous items to make camp happen. Donating these items or making a monetary contribution will greatly assist us in making LYF Camp bigger and better. To make a tax-deductible contribution, please visit our donation page here. LYF also volunteers at other major community events such as the Taiwanese American Cultural Festival, Kids N’ Fun Festival, and we host a Summer Family Camping Trip for kids, parents, and families of all ages. Please contact lyf@tacl.org for more information.