LYF logo Winter Newsletter 2021 - Issue No. 27
The Cozy Season

After a very strange year, we hope everyone is staying warm and healthy, and are cozy-ing into the winter holiday season!

For LYF, this is usually the time of year in which the staff start actively gathering to develop plans for how the next year’s camp might be. While we unfortunately had to cancel camp this past year, we would like to confirm that we will be hosting camp in 2021. Our current plan is to host camp sometime in August either in person or by virtual means. Shereen Lee and Josh Chiu are staying on as Program Directors and looking hard at the ways in which 2020 camp activities can be merged into 2021 plans.

General Expectations for Camp 2021
Due to the ever-changing situation, we are planning to provide more information at a later date as new developments come in later this winter, such as updates to the vaccine(s) and seeing what impact the holidays will have. (Read: We’re eyeing January real hard to be the harbinger of a better 2021!)

As always, safety will be our utmost priority but we are dedicated to creating a memorable experience for campers this upcoming summer.

Upcoming Events

Winter Reunion
Sat. Jan 16th, 1-3PM

Campers! Come join us with a cup of hot cocoa/tea/boba and say hi to all your campmates and counselors online. If you don’t want to sit down for yet another Zoom call – no worries, you won’t be in front of the computer all that time… be prepared to run about the house! This will be a memorable time filled with fun activities such as group bingo, scavenger hunts, and more!

We can’t wait to see you there. Please RSVP with us here by Jan 15th, and join us on the 16th in our online meeting room here! (Passcode: 420406)

Warm regards,
The LYF Family

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