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After an energetic and busy summer, fall is a time for rest and reflection. For LYF, this season is an opportunity for the incoming Board to develop big-picture plans and the year’s central message. Within Board, Program Directors lead the way in shaping the campers’ experience, which is influenced by their own experiences. We are excited to introduce Shereen Lee and Josh Chiu as Program Directors for 2020 LYF Camp, and we look forward to sharing our thoughts over the course of the year.

Josh Chiu, Program Director Shereen Lee, Program Director

Introducing your new board!

Besides the deeper life lessons, we don’t want to forget that camp is also about having fun and getting to know people. Below is a fun fact about each Board member:

Patrick Chenglo, President
He led a dance team and competitive video games team in college.

Curtis Fan, Staff Development
His dream job as a kid was to be a Power Ranger.

Emily Chou, Secretary
She has watched less than five Marvel movies.

Shereen Lee, Program Director
She doesn’t like birds when they’re flying over her head.

Amy Shieh, Vice President
She is known to be deathly afraid of birds, pigeons in particular (sorry Christie…).

Michael Chen, Events
He loves Gordon Ramsay.

Christie Neo, Creative Director
She still really likes birds. Pigeons and murres are two of the current favorites.

Josh Chiu, Program Director
He is the only one on his entire dad’s side of the family to not be a doctor/studying to be a doctor.

Find out more about each board member on our website here!

LYF 2019-2020 Board of Directors

Upcoming Events

Winter Reunion

Winter Reunion
Saturday, January 11, 2020

Save the date for Winter Reunion! More details on time and location to come.

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