Slice of LYF Issue 15 - Arpil 2019 | Spring Forward For Camp!

Spring has officially arrived… and although the still-cold and still-rainy weather puts a wintry mood, the occasional golden days are a reminder that camp is in sight. As our preparation ramps up, we want to hear your feedback more than ever – test-drive our activities at meetings, talk to clinic heads about ideas, and reach out to us with your questions. The sun isn’t shining yet, but things are starting to heat up!

Photo of Emily Chou

Emily Chou

Upcoming Events

April Staff Meeting | Saturday, April 6th, 4-6PM @ TAC (4413 Fortran Ct. San Jose, CA 95134)

We will be doing short run-throughs of workshops and activities our heads and leads have prepared, along with a staff training session to better prepare staff. RSVP and please bring any donations for night market prizes to this meeting! More specifications on prizes in the next section.

Staff Training Retreat | Friday-Sunday, May 3rd-5th @ 1528 57th Ave, Oakland, CA 94621

This training retreat will be mandatory for all staff who plan to attend camp, especially for Heads and Leads! If you are unable to attend in person, please make sure to reach out to the PDs to be in the loop via remote staff training meetings that we will host in May/June.

RSVP Here! RSVP Here!

Taiwanese American Cultural Festival | Sunday, May 11th, 9am - 5pm @ Union Square (156 2nd St., San Francisco, CA 94105)

LYF needs your help running activities booths for Taiwanese American Cultural Festival! What will you get out of it? On the surface, a T-shirt and lunch; but more than that, you get free entertainment and good company. Keep your eyes peeled for the link to volunteer on the T Crew Facebook page, but in the meantime, sign up at the link below.

RSVP Here!

News & Updates

Alumni Social

Join us on June 1 at Gill Memorial Park in Milpitas from 10AM to 2PM while we duel it out on the softball field, current LYF staff vs alumni! The winning team will be crowned as the 2019 LYF Softball Showdown Champions! The losing team will donate $150 to LYF. Whether you’ve played on a team before or have never touched a bat, we want you to play! Really don’t want to play? Come and cheer on your favorite team. RSVP here!

Night Market Prizes Needed!

Hi Staff! Night Market is happening again this year at camp, and like every year we need your help crowdsourcing prizes for the prize booth! If you have any prizes you would like to donate, like stuffed animals or small toys, please fill out the google form here. Deadline is May 5 (Staff Training Retreat).


If you have a clinic idea, come submit it here and someone will reach out to you. By recommending a clinic, you’re soft locking yourself to help plan and execute said idea (if you’re coming)!

Future Leaders Scholarship

Board has been working hard on a scholarship for our high school campers! This scholarship highlights campers that exemplify what it means to be a part of LYF. If you have any siblings or friends that are interested, have them apply here. Deadline is Friday, April 12, 2019.


April 2019

Eric Chien Thu 4th
Rachel Walker Mon 15th
Patrick Chenglo Thu 25th
Rosette Su Sat 27th
Brian Chu Mon 29th
Julia Lin Mon 29th
Vanessa Wan Mon 29th
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