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Happy Holidays from LYF to You

Happy Holidays!
This past year allowed us to explore the importance of understanding ourselves and utilizing that knowledge to better mold our lives. We hope you’ll take that lesson to heart in all your endeavors, especially going forward into the new year!

Exciting News:
Get ready for new changes, including an additional day of camp at a brand new campsite! LYF Camp 2019 will take place Monday, June 24, 2019 through Sunday, June 30, 2019 at Silver Spur Retreat Center in Tuolumne, CA.

We can’t wait to have you at camp, but stay tuned for more details so we can see you all again soon!

Camp Registration is Open! Reserve your spot today!

Drumroll please! We’re extremely excited to announce the start of general registration for LYF Camp 2019. General registration is open now until April 1st, after which there are will be a late registration fee of $40 until registration closes on May 15th. Check out the camp guide for more information, but don’t wait until the last minute to secure your spot! We hope you’re just as excited for camp as we are!

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Things to Come

TACL-LYF Scholarship
LYF Leadership has been working tirelessly to create the opportunity for our campers to express themselves and inspire the community around them. We’re proud to present the Future Leader Scholarship, to highlight 1-2 campers who embody the spirit of LYF and reflect the leadership qualities we teach at camp. Applications and more details will follow in January.

Introducing your new board!
LYF Board 2017

This year, our board of directors consists of a fresh and talented group of individuals. Everyone is ready to TACL the year with unique ideas to bring LYF above and beyond! But FIRST, some fun icebreakers —

Jessica Lee, President

Jessica lives by this Kristen Bell quote: “If I’m not between a 3 and a 7 on the emotional scale, I’m crying.” She has cried during almost every movie she’s ever seen.

Monica Chenglo, External Relations

Monica has inquisitive taste buds—in fact, she can tell the difference between tap versus bottled water when blindfolded. Try her. Plus, she loves lukewarm water with a side of lemon. So she’s all about the dihydrogen monoxide.

Emily Chou, Treasurer

Emily collects public library memberships for borrowing rights to their ebook systems. She has access to 6 ebook systems so far, and is planning to add Oakland next.

Albert Zhang, Secretary

Albert works remotely about 7 months of the year (e.g. 2 weeks in Japan) and lives in the warm tropical climate of Chicago, Illinois for the remainder.

George Sun, Vice President

George’s favorite recent backpacking memory was watching a wild fox grab a trout straight from an Alpine lake and bring it back to its den.

Shereen Lee, External Relations

Shereen is making a toy from scratch and has hopes to let people play with it soon.

Amber Huang, Program Director

Amber loves all of the crazy things her students say (i.e. “What has four whales but also fleas? George Washington!!!”)

Christopher Lee, Program Director

Chris was once bitten by a giant centipede in his sleep which resulted in him having to lug around a baseball-sized hand in Taiwan for a week.

Jonathan Chen, Creative Director

Jonathan sleeps an average of 5 hours each night.

Photos & Videos

LYF Camp 2018

Upcoming Events

Winter Reunion

Winter Reunion
January 6th, 2019 // 12pm – 3pm
Nazareth Ice Oasis (Redwood City)
3140 Bay Road, Redwood City, 94063

Are you ready for a reunion on ice? Come to Nazareth Ice Oasis to skate with your favorite fellow campers and staff, or take a break from the rink with board games! Whether you are an expert glider or a total beginner, all are welcome!

RSVP here!

Christopher Lee and Amber Huang, LYF Camp 2019 Program Directors

Hi! We are Chris and Amber, 2019 LYF Camp’s Program Directors. Amber has been a part of LYF since 2011, and has been planning since then for the day she became PD. Chris has been at camp since 2006 and can’t wait to create his own camp experience for the campers today. Now that it’s finally here, we’re excited to start creating the best LYF Camp yet!

See you all soon at Winter Reunion!

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