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Countdown to Camp! Slice of LYF: May 2018 | Issue 08
Patrick Chenglo

It’s been a long 8 months of camp planning but we’re finally closing in on the finish line and we’re very excited to get everyone on board with what’s happening at camp this year. With the days ticking down, we hope everyone is getting hyped up for camp. With staff retreat coming round the corner, I hope to see you all there!


Save the Date

Staff Training Retreat

May 18 – 20
Patrick’s Casa

3112 Tewksbury Way
San Ramon, CA 94582

Camp is drawing near! Staff Training Retreat is mandatory, so be sure to save this weekend. We’ll be doing a final run through of core camp programming activities, answering any questions about our new campsite, and becoming friends (also mandatory).

 RSVP Here!

Staff Training Retreat
Camp Updates

Rosette Su

Registration Update

Registration is now closed and our total registration count is 138 campers!! Our age demographic is highly skewed towards elementary and middle schoolers, as has been the trend in the past few years. If you have any ideas for attracting more high school campers, please reach out to board! Or better yet, consider putting those ideas into action by joining board next year 😉

LYF logo on the beach

Programming Update

This year’s universal workshop will follow a similar system as last year’s. We will be having small 30 minute segments after each workshop followed up by a two hour block on the fifth day. We’ll be needing several staff volunteers to help run this workshop which we’ll ask for at staff retreat. This workshop is going to be a huge logistical feat and we hope to be able to carry it out smoothly with your help 🙂

Andrea and Eric Chien


Birthdays - May

Emily Tsai Fri 4th
Taylor Chen Thu 10th
Irene Wu Sun 13th
Sean Li Thu 17th
Daniel Chung Mon 21st
Cynthia Su Fri 25th
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