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Camp is Coming! - Slice of LYF: June 2018 | Issue 09
Jessica Lee, Program Director

Hi y’all! I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by. I’ve felt so proud and humbled watching how much time, energy, and heart you’ve all contributed to camp thus far. We hope you’re all vibing with the camp programming and ready to lead it with gusto! With this final stretch, let’s continue to work hard and create the best camp experience we can for our campers. 51 weeks down & only 1 to go, so time to get HYPED for a week full of new friendships, silly memories, and of course, Self-Empowerment.

Much love,

Save the Date

LYF Camp 2018

June 23-29, 2018
Zephyr Point
660 US-50
Zephyr Cove, NV 89448

Camp is almost upon us!
To help you get ready, we’ve compiled some tips that will hopefully come in handy.

Camp Survival Guide

Night Market Prizes

The thin mountain air will punish your bodies if you don’t stay hydrated. Drink water like your life depends on it and you MIGHT survive.

Night Market Prizes

Listen to Hermione, she is one of the most intelligent witches to ever graduate from Hogwarts. Once you are outdoors, your exposed skin stands no chance against the sun shooting infinite beams of uv rays at it.

Night Market Prizes

Camp will pass by at warp speed. Engage with your campers. Stay away from your phones and other 21st century technology; you will only need your humanity to be a good counselor.

Night Market Prizes

Campers respond well to candy and snacks. Also consider bringing some treats for yourself. The energy boost will help you keep up with everything that’s going on. Also chocolate melts.

Night Market Prizes

It will be hard, but get sleep. Make sure your campers are sleeping. Brains don’t work good without sleep and we have a lot of them to take care of.

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays - June

Anna Chen Wed 6th
Jennifer Lau Wed 6th
Michael Wu Sat 30th
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