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A New Year Begins: October 2017 Staff Newsletter - Issue No. 1

Hello everyone! The 2018 LYF Board is working hard and planning out a great year for us. But a great year includes more than just one week of summer camp – it includes all of the planning, the meetings, the random hangouts that forge the memories we share with one another.

Over the past few years, LYF has been growing really fast. Our growth has been fueled by ambitious leaders and the projects they’ve pursued. This year, we want to make our organization more enriching for staff through programs and changes that will support strong connections amongst ourselves. With a strong community, we’ll be equipped to continue fostering a warm environment for our campers.

You’ll get to hear more about our new initiatives in the coming months, but the most important things we’re keeping in mind are our LYF values: empathy, curiosity, openness, courage. These are the qualities that make our community so unique and welcoming. Going forward, we want you to stay connected to our LYF community. Talk to us. Take leadership positions. Be engaged – we want to hear your suggestions! Together, we can build a thriving community and a better world.

LYF Board

Upcoming Events

JTASA College Workshop

College Apps Workshop with JTASA
Tuesday, Oct 24th 4:00 PM (Tentative) @ Irvington High School

Join the IHS JTASA chapter and students in a workshop around aspects of identity and considering those elements with their college applications! Come have some fun connecting with high school students who are anxious to understand what college is like and share your college experiences with them.

I’m coming up with the workshop activity and will likely have a meeting to iron out details next week. If you’re interested in helping, let me know and take a look at the doc here! I’d love to hear your feedback on ways these can be framed to apply to college applications or which you consider potentially more impactful to high school junior/seniors.

See you there!

Brace Yourselves... LYF Camp is Coming



Hey everyone! Can’t wait to work with everyone to make another great year of camp! Just to give everyone a heads up, the Theme Reveal meeting will be sometime in November. We’ll keep you posted once we decide on an actual date.

This year, we’re focusing on socials and recruitment in the first half of the year, so please invite all your friends to the kick-off meeting so we can introduce them and join our family 🙂 Head applications will open shortly after the meeting! If you guys ever have any cool programming ideas, feel free to reach out to us as we’re always looking for new ways to improve camp!


Photo Gallery

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Staff Newsletter Naming Contest!

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LYF Alerts? Speed of LYF? Leading You Forward?

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Birthday cake!

What better way to celebrate members of LYF than to celebrate their birthday? Take time out of your day to wish these October babies a happy birthday!

Neal Wang 10/3
Eugene Chou 10/5
James Tseng 10/8
Jennifer Lee 10/10
Ryan Chen 10/13
William Liao 10/15
Jonathan Kao 10/27
Amanda Chou 10/30

Staff Survey

Each individual of LYF has opinions and visions for what could and should be of this organization, and we want to hear what you have to say. Please take a moment to fill out this short survey to help us as LYF Board understand what direction you want to see LYF headed towards.

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